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Monongahela Active Transportation Survey

The City of Monongahela is developing an Active Transportation Plan.  Active transportation is any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation, such as walking, bicycling, e-assisted bicycling, wheelchairs, roller blades, skateboards, motorized scooters and even kayaks/canoes, etc. Use of the term "active transportation" highlights the connection between walking, biking, rolling, riding with public health outcomes and transportation planning. The Plan will create a Unified Vision for Walking, Biking, Wheeling and Riding in Monongahela

We want everyone to share their voice in this process. Please complete this survey which will provide the City with everyone's ideas for improving active transportation in Monongahela. Your perceptions and comments will greatly help in this planning process.

After submitting the survey, a link to an interactive map program will appear. Please use the interactive map to provide additional site-specific input on hazard areas, destinations, walking/biking routes and any improvements you would like to see in Monongahela. Also provide any ideas or knowledge that you may have regarding opportunities for the future.  

The Survey and Map will only take a few minutes to complete. Please respond by June 22nd, 2023. Thank You!

For more information please email, John Turack at or SPC at


Community Survey

Interactive Map